The New Cloud Voice.
Your office wherever you are

Make, take and collaborate on voice and video calls anywhere and on any device with Cloud Voice. 

Use a desk phone or soft phone using  Cisco Webex on your laptop, computer or tablet, or a combination!

How Can Cloud Voice Help You?

One system for all your comms

Cloud Voice brings your voice, video, meeting and messaging tools together under a single, intuitive and flexible online portal.

Never miss a call again

Use Cloud Voice on various devices. You have your office wherever you go, so you’ll keep your local presence and maintain that professional look. 

What makes your customers tick?

Add Call Analytics for insights, and record calls to identify staff training gaps and experience your customer service as your callers do.  

Need more than a basic build?

Premium Options from HM

Pre Planning

Phone systems can be complexed and are sometimes poorly implemented. HM Network’s optional pre planning service helps avoid issues arising in the first place.

Managed Deployment

Don’t leave things to chance. If you are an organisation with numerous people and departments, you will likely want professionals such as HM Network to assist with a managed deployment. 

Post Handover Support

We help our clients get the best from the solutions we provide. Our enhanced management and support services offer peace of mind during provisioning, installation and post handover.

We are here to help you

HM Network logo

HM Network are dedicated to helping customers get the most from their communications. 

Whether you need a plug and play service or full install, one to one, on site or video based cloud voice training, full call flow mapping, professionally recorded auto attendants and music on hold, right up to analytics, call recording and CRM integrations.  

We can get your cloud voice working harder for you so you can get on with doing what you do best.

Solutions from elsewhere may appear similar, but deployment almost certainly will not be. 

Get more out of your investment through HM Network

Choice Of Hardware

Physical Phones

DECT Handsets
DECT handsets are cordless and give the user the freedom to roam. Ideal for front of house in a cafe or restaurant, warehouse or beauty salon for example. 

Desk & Wall Mounted Phones 
Desk or wall mounted options are available with monochrome screens, colour screen and touch screens. Many units feature USB, WiFi and bluetooth capabilities too.

Speaker Phones
Most of our phones come with speaker phone capabilities, plus we also have a range of professional dedicated conferencing units that would be ideal for boardrooms etc…

Cloud Voice Webex Apps HM trans

Softphone Options

Software and / or hardware!

The Webex app is included with Connect and Collaborate licenses, so you can make and take business calls on your smartphone or tablet, plus you can use with your Mac or PC too. 

Whether working from home, at your desk, or on the move Cloud Voice on any of your devices means you can really work where and how it suits you.

Cisco Webex - not just a soft phone

Get even more from Cloud Voice with Cisco Webex built in.
To help your team work fast and close, we’ve built in Cisco Webex for spontaneous video conferences and online meetings, instant messaging and screen sharing. You can also integrate Webex with existing apps. See our Cloud Voice Webex User Guide.

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We've got you covered

Keep on top of costs

There’s often no hardware to buy and no maintenance charges. You only pay for the users you actually have. 

Security built in

Integrated security software. Encrypted calls. 24/7 monitoring and call traffic analysis. With Cloud Voice, your calls stay private and your data remains secure. 

Choose the right connectivity

We can help you choose the right connectivity to make sure your voice and data needs are met. Please ask for more information.

Cloud Voice Portal

Complete Control Day & Night
You can manage your company portal from your laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet, wherever and whenever you need to. 

Manage Users & Features
Add or remove users, enable features, manage call distribution music on hold and auto attendants. You can even set workers to DND if they are called away unexpectedly.

Dashboard & Analytics
Get visibility and take control of how your company communicates. The optional call recording and call analytics provide even further insight.

Training Available
The optional video based training offers 24/7/365 access to in depth how to guides and also access to 1-2-1 guru sessions with a live trainer.

We can help you get the most out of your Cloud Voice with Webex UC solutionThe 


Cloud Voice feature packs

Choose different packs for each staff member, based on the call features they need.

From £6.00 per user per month!

  • Basic
  • Popular
  • Collaborate
  • Premium
Features Basic
Includes Calling On Smart Device / Computer
Working Together Better
Only available on Collaborate license
Cisco Webex (1000 participants)
Record Meeting
Presenter Controls
Meeting Transcript
Lock meeting
Cisco Webex (Personal meeting room - 25 participants)
Cisco Webex (Voice and Video - 25 participants)
Call Director
Hunt group
Online portal
Automatic call routing
Call Transfer
Three way calling
Call analyticsOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Call RecordingOptionalOptionalOptional
Use with IP handset and / or Android & iOS App
Use with IP handset and / or Windows & Mac OS App

Call Analytics

Get full visibility of your calls
Cloud Voice call analytics gives you the true picture of your business calling. There are 3 plans available: Insight, Report & Premier.

With more information you can make better decisions. It works with your Cloud Voice system to give you data on the calls you attempt, make and receive. As well as the ones you miss.

See the bigger picture
Access to the online portal using any internet-enabled device.  Choose how detailed you want your reporting to be – at a company, department, team or employee level.  

Reports can be created following the video based guides below, or we can offer professional services and create reports based on your requirements for you.

Click here to see how to video guides.

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Optional extras

We often hear that companies have invested in a phone system that has not been set up properly, handsets not tested, or that no one has shown them how to use the system. In many cases the service is not faulty but has simply not been configured properly in accordance with the customers requirements.

There can be a lot of work behind the scenes to implement certain functionality. We can work with you to make sure your system is running how you need it to, and can be your comfort blanket to make any changes in life with a range an ongoing support options.

We offer various value added services so that can help you get the most out of your telephony solution from pre delivery builds, music on hold, more complex portal setups, in depth training etc…

Please ask for more details.

We have a range of call packages to cover the different ways that people use Cloud Voice, including options for calling mobiles and international numbers.

UK Call Sharer options

Pay As You Go – just pay for the calls you make.

UK Call Sharer minutes – choose from a selection of inclusive minutes options (from 500 – 60,000 minutes) that you can share across your users for a fixed monthly price.  

UK Call Sharer Unlimited – make unlimited calls to UK national and UK mobile numbers for a fixed monthly price.

BT Cloud Voice uses IP phones. We’ve a broad range that you can choose from, depending on your employees’ needs. From basic to touch screen executive style units. Desktop, DECT cordless to confernce units.

We’ll also configure them for you so they’re ready to use as soon as you get them out of the box. We can help you decide the models that you need for your business when we talk with you.


We’ve tested and configured all our IP phones to make sure they work perfectly with our BT Cloud Voice service. So to make sure you experience the quality of calls you’d expect, only IP phones from the BT Cloud Voice portfolio can be used.

To complement these IP phones, we have a range of Headsets that can be used to enhance your experience. These are sourced from leading edge suppliers and can be purchased when you order your BT Cloud Voice service, or later if you decide you need some.


With BT Cloud Voice, your numbers aren’t tied to your local area. You can choose local numbers from anywhere in the country for your users, wherever they’re actually located. So if you have a team of regional sales managers all based at your head office in Birmingham, you could give the manager for the north west, a Manchester number; the manager for the south, a London number; the manager for Wales, a Cardiff number, and so on. You can give the impression of being local to your customers without having to open a local office.

If you need more phones than you can connect to your current router, installing a new hub, Local Area Network (LAN) and cabling can increase your capacity and give you the sharpest, clearest service for your BT Cloud Voice system.

We can help with any requirements you may have. When we confirm your BT Cloud Voice order with you, our specialists can assess whether a new LAN, new hub or new cabling would be needed, and talk through the prices and benefits of upgrading.

Whether you have one user or hundreds, our range of webcast and onsite training packages can help your business get the most from your new Cloud Voice system. On site, one to one guru sessions, webinars and 247/365 access to video based training too.

You can discuss your requirements with our specialists – we’d be happy to talk through how your business can benefit from system training.

Cloud Voice call analytics gives you the true picture of your business calling. With more information you can make better decisions. It works with your Cloud Voice system to give you data on the calls you attempt, make and receive. As well as the ones you miss.

Viewing your call data is easy – just log in to the online portal using any internet-enabled device. You can choose how detailed you want your reporting to be – at a company, department, team or employee level. It’ll even analyse them and show trends. With wallboards showing you real-time information, you can make better business decisions, spot ways to cut costs and keep your customers happy.

Click here to see how to guides for each of the Insight, Report & live call reporting Premier plans.

Choose door access control systems linked to your Cloud Voice so you can control who comes in.

Keep staff safe, drive efficiency and provide improved customer services with secure entry systems and Cloud Voice.

HM Network can help with your physical premises security too and it can integrate with Cloud Voice. To find more about secure entry systems, get in touch today or download our brochure:

BT Cloud Voice Peripherals brochure (PDF,  704 KB) 

A phone system is about more than just making and taking calls. HM Network offer solutions that make things easier for you and your customers. 

Greet your customers in a professional and efficient way with tailored on hold music and messaging services. Because first impressions count.

To find more speak to our specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Up to date user guides can be found at https://btbusiness.custhelp.com/app/categories/guide/view/43978/c/5415/

Please contact us at HM if you need help.

We provide a range of Yealink and Poly (Polycom) handsets on Cloud Voice including DECT portable, desk phones, and conference units. Up to date user guides can be found here.

Please contact us at HM if you need help.

Not necessarily. The speed you need depends on how many people will be using the system. You may only need a broadband connection however we recommend at least a superfast connection. We’ll check everything when you call us before you place an order.

While Cloud Voice can be supported on any connection with sufficient bandwidth, we recommend our leased line or business fibre broadband as these can help guarantee quality of service. Here are some other reasons why:

  • When you get your leased line or fibre broadband and Cloud Voice service from us, we’ll do the legwork to make sure everything works perfectly together. And you’ll only have one supplier to work with.
  • We’ll make sure your calls get top priority over your internet traffic on our connections, so you’ll always get great quality calls.
  • Some of our internet connections come with built-in security and 24/7 monitoring to make sure you stay safe – and stay connected – at all times.
  • The BT network has ultra-low latency which is vital for making the most of voice applications like Cloud Voice. Better still, it’s guaranteed by our service level agreement.


See our guide to getting the most out of BT Cloud Voice for more information.

BTnet leased line 
With BTnet, you don’t share your bandwidth with anyone else. So you get exceptional speeds, with ultra-low latency, all backed up by our market-leading 100% target availability service level agreement. 

Superfast and Ultrafast business fibre broadband 
Our business fibre broadband services give you the extra speed to help your business succeed backed by our Business Smart Hub, 4G Assure, built-in security and 24/7 IT support.

Please ask our specialists for details.

Not necessarily, as long as you have sufficient bandwidth you can use BT Cloud Voice.

We can discuss your current set-up when you talk to us about VoIP.

If you’re looking for a new broadband or leased line connection, we can find the right package for your business from our comprehensive range of standard broadband, fibre broadband, or leased lines.

BT Cloud Phone is a fully configured, plug ‘n’ play system for small businesses. Users all access the same set of features.

BT Cloud Voice is designed for the larger business (5 users and above). Self-install but with an engineer install option, along with cabling and LAN options. Users access individually-tailored features. 

The Cloud Voice portal is what you use to manage your communications features and settings from anywhere – and any device – that’s on the internet.

Legacy customers use BT Cloud Voice portal.

Customers on the New Cloud voice platform login via New Business Portal

No, the call quality is the same if not better as with a standard phone. Your callers won’t know the difference.

There are numerous ways you can get support. HM Network can help you manage your Cloud Voice.

Call us on 03333444190 or email support@hm-network.com

There are also useful how to videos in the portal itself, and via online help. Training via the elearning portal (ask for details) and a general team on hand at 0800 389 0537 

There are various ways you can set your voicemail, from the handset and from the web portal. This handy PDF provides some useful hints and tips. CloudVoiceVoicemail

In most cases you can bring telephone numbers over to Cloud Voice from other VoIP and SIP providers and traditional lines.

Please contact us for details. 

For up to date pricing on call bundles, international charges and out of bundle price  per minute charges please visit https://www.bt.com/pricing/current/Cust_Opts_Bus_boo/FrameworkImpl1253502.htm

Cloud Voice integrates with a number of CRM platforms offering a variety of functions and capabilities.

Please visit https://integrations.bt.gointegrator.com/ for more information.




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