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Educate staff, manage and reduce risk and safeguard your organisation.

Compliance Made Easy

Having come from corporate background we know that getting staff engaged about cyber awareness and regulatory compliance can be tricky. Training needn’t be boring or expensive, and it can actually be enjoyable. We have a number of carefully curated learning platforms to suit any business size. Contact us, we can help you choose the right option for your organisation.


Educate, inform and up-skill staff with engaging training tailored to your needs. Communicate and manage policies in an effective manner using our intuitive platforms. Content includes: Phishing, Anti Bribery, Business Continuity, Health & Safety. Data Protection, GDPR, Risk Management, Cyber Awareness, Cyber Essentials, PCI DSS, Fire Safety and more…

How Cyber Aware Are Your Staff?

With 9/10 data breaches happening due to human error it pays to make sure you team are on the ball. 

If you have a team of 10 or more staff we can offer a complimentary Human Vulnerability Assessment.  A multiple choice questionnaire that takes under 10 minutes to complete and provides a useful report.

E-Learning Online

For individuals and businesses with 10 staff or less, our E-Learning store provides 24 hour access to fun and engaging, video based training to complete when and where it suits you. Over 50 courses typically £1.39 – £3.99 per user per month. 

Subscribe via the online portal 30 days or more, or contact us for more information.

E-learning Company Portal

For organisations with more than 10 users we can provide a customised company portal, with your colour scheme and branding. Benefit from management reports and a dashboard to see how your staff perform with training tailored to your needs.

Phishing Simulation

Most data breaches occur due to email “phishing”. Raise awareness with automated training with detailed reporting.  Designed to test and educate and stop your team from taking the bait. 

larger organisations

Compliance Portals

We offer a range of cloud based data privacy solutions to identify, manage and mitigate risk. Helping you deliver and record staff training, allocate tasks and track progress, manage data, run reports and demonstrate compliance and accountability. 

Policy Management

Chasing staff to read and sign to say that they have understood company policies can be a pain. Change that with Smart Company Policy Management. Distribute Policies. Workstations access can be limited until completed. End users sign electronically. Simple.

Training for Executives

Executives are targets for cyber criminals. Role specific e-learning raises awareness about spear phishing and email spoofing scams helping reduce CEO fraud. 

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