Cyber E-Learning

The modern on-line world can be exciting but can also pose risks. Our Cyber Awareness Training can help 1-1000s of users.

Want To Be More Cyber Aware?

Are you looking to up skill and become more cyber savvy? 

Whether as part of a personal improvement plan or you have a team of staff that would benefit from training, our Cyber Awareness E-Learning is available as little as £1.39 per month per user.

Training just you? For as little as £3.99 per month, on a 30 day rolling term, you can do as much training as you want. 

Our self service portal means individuals or teams of under 10, or we can also provide custom branded fully managed options too. Please speak to us for more information.

TRY 30 days ACCESS for just £3.99

Fun Cyber Training

Learning about cyber security does not need to be boring. We have over 50 animated course modules that are engaging and fun to do backed up with a quiz and pass certificate if you get 80% or more.

A proof of learning could be useful to demonstrate to an employer or client that you really know your stuff.

Packages For 1 - 1000s of Users

Whether just needing training for yourself or a team, we offer bespoke courses, policy integration and policy management to suit your needs. Whatever your requirements, we’re committed to making cyber security training work for you. 

Modules covering many subjects

Over 60 Courses Included

PLUS Packages for Larger organisations

Course Catalogue
(Ideal For Under 10 Users)
Compliance Package
(10 Users & More)
Phishing Simulation
Culture Package
(Managed Includes Phishing)



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