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Cyber Essentials, Penetration Testing, GDPR, Cyber Security & more…

Detect issues, mitigate risk & protect data

We have GDPR, Data Privacy & Cyber Security knowledge in house, plus an extensive network of specialist partners to help you make sense of regulations, address cyber security and data privacy issues. We can provide you with the tools and expertise to implement change.


Do you need help with GDPR compliance? We can help provide you with an initial audit, ongoing compliance support, an Article 27 EU Representative, compliance support, consultancy options, internal documents audits and more, at very reasonable monthly rates:

Micro from £44 pm, SME from £89 pm, 

Corporate from £179 pm and Enterprise from £359 pm

Human Vulnerability Assessment

People can make mistakes. Identify issues and weak areas to address shortcomings by having team members take our FREE Cyber Security Questionnaire.  We will also provide FREE access to our e learning portal.

Data Privacy

We work with some of Europe’s leading Data Privacy practitioners. Helping you identify and mitigate risk, provide Data Protection Gap Analysis, Data Protection Officer as a Service, Data Protection Impact Assessments and more. Do you need support?

Data Privacy Management

Our range of Privacy Management platforms help organisations and data protection practitioners alike deliver and record training, record incidents and breaches, company policy generation and deal with data subject access requests. 


Cyber Essentials Basic

Cyber Essentials is a UK government information assurance scheme run by the National Cyber Security Centre. It allows organisations to demonstrate that they have basic cyber security measures in place. 

Available as self assessment or with remote or on site consultancy.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus extends the standard certification, and requires an independent assessment of your IT security measures by a third party, rather than self certifying. HM support UK organisations through certified specialists.


Cyber Consultancy

Helping you secure systems and reduce risk. Whether taking your first cyber steps or tightening up what is in place. We can help with Cyber Audits, Vulnerability Scanning, Ethical Hacking, Social Engineering, Internal & External Penetration Testing, Incident & Breach Management and more…

Malware Protection

Worried about malicious software? We can help you identify viruses, trojans, spyware and ransomware. Block malicious websites, clean infections and protect your devices in a centrally managed environment.

Free Scan & Report Available

Incident Response

Detecting an incident can improve response time and reduce damage. We have software solutions and specialist partners to help deal with an unfolding situation, breach management and also with Cyber Forensics.  

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