Faster Britain Preston

Full Fibre Business Internet To Light Up Preston

Connecting Preston businesses to ultrafast connectivity

The business world is evolving. Technology is at the heart of this evolution and the driving force is gigabit capable, full fibre connectivity. As the Government promises 100% Gigabit capability by 2025, we are playing a key role in this vision with the rollout of our Faster Britain network across the UK.

Faster Britain

A Faster Britain enabled area such as Preston will provide flexible full fibre – ultrafast connectivity to businesses that can grow as needs change. 

Our delivery team has nearly two decades of experience in the design, delivery and operation of connectivity solutions, and now we’re providing access to heightened speeds with options available for resilience too.

GrapthFibre BrightFibre LightFibre One
Download Speed (bps)100M, 200M, 300M, 500M or 1G100M, 200M, 300M or 500M100M or 200M
Bearer Circuit1Gbps on all variants
Upload Speed (bps)Symmetrical (same up & down)Asymmetric 50M or 100M
Guaranteed or “up to” speedsGuaranteedup toup to
Layer 3 CPEManaged RouterOptical Network Device (ONT)
IP Addressing/30 Static IP Range (if more required this is chargeable)Dynamic IP as standard ( /32 Static IP’s chargeable)
DeliverySubject to survey. Fibre delivery categories 1-5
Repair SLA6 hours24 hours48 hours
Service CreditsYesNoNo
AvailabilityAll On Net FootprintsSpecific On Net Footprints only
Contract Term (default)36 months36 months24 months

Fibre One

Fibre One is an entry level full fibre 32:1 contended connectivity option aimed at smaller businesses with smaller budgets and smaller teams. It can be upgraded should your business and bandwidth requirements change.

We provide two great value options with speeds of up to: 200Mbps download / 100Mbps upload, or 100Mbps download / 50Mbps upload all over 1Gbps bearer.

Fibre Light

Our full fibre broadband, Fibre Light, is a cost-effective 8:1 contended high-quality gigabit capable service. 

This service is available with options of up to 100, 200, 300 and 500Mbp speeds in both directions over 1Gbps bearer.

You can upgrade and increase bandwidth as your business requirements change, it’s a connectivity option that truly future-proofs your orgaisation.

Fibre Bright

Our ultrafast full-fibre leased lines offer the ultimate gigabit connectivity solution.

Delivering identical, guaranteed upload and download speeds capable of more than 10Gbps, our fibre leased lines supply a dedicated service, meaning only your business uses it. Typically used to provide enterprise grade internet access or to create a resilient data network into your premises.

Our Fibre Bright 1:1 leased lines are fully managed and offer 99.9999% availability 24/7/365. This provides the peace of mind that your mission critical tasks are supported, and your connectivity is always on.

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