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Feeling Un-loved?

Are you feeling unloved by your current business communications provider?

Does your connectivity partner pay you the attention you deserve? ISP’s and telecoms companies often get a bad reputation, trying to talk to a faceless corporation often brings frustration. There have been a number of clients we have spoken to recently who have felt like the company that sold them their phone system told them everything they wanted to hear, sold them the dream, but were then left feeling like a one night stand.

In some cases the technology they were sold was perfectly suitable, but the implementation left a lot to be desired. Not being trained on how to use the features, not being told who to contact if things needed changing or went wrong – just made them feel used and cheated.

If anything ever goes wrong it can mean spending hours on hold, trying to throw a double six in an automated phone system to be able to talk to a human being. During the COVID lockdowns, with many companies on skeleton staff, being able to get through to the right department in a timely manner can be less than joyful. You have better things to do, like running your business.

Things don’t need to be like this. There are companies out there that DO care. Companies that DO want to help you succeed and feel loved. We love our customers. Let us take away those pains and stresses.


Love in a envelope


In an age where dating is done in a very superficial level, swiping left or right on an APP and buying with your eyes, many do not consider what happens when you scratch beneath the surface. You need to know that if you need a companies support they are ready and waiting to help. To tell you everything will be ok and not to panic. As a small business ourselves, we know that you need love from the partners you choose, to provide the various services you need to operate. Our business is data. Helping people connect. Helping people communicate, and helping people understand the risks associated with data of all kinds.

So many of our clients found their initial contact with the ‘big boys’, especially communications providers, were full of promise and then suddenly once they’d bought whatever they were buying, they were left high and dry and feeling neglected.

We do deal with major carriers on a daily basis. Unlike the corporates, here at HM Network, we take the relationships we build with ALL our clients seriously, and we really value each and every one of them. You are a real person to us. No wham, bam thank you ma’am. Yes we work with the big boys, as well as some alternative carriers and technologies, but we tend to your needs and bring you that extra level of commitment, to give you the warm fuzzy feeling you long for.

Think of us as your comfort blanket.


 Pug in a blanket


When it comes to business connectivity and telecoms, it can be confusing. We have done the legwork so that you don’t have to when it comes to finding the right partner/s. The same goes for Data privacy and Cyber Awareness. HM Network and our DP Clinic can work with you to find the best remedy for your issues. We have an excellent network of specialist partners who can address and fulfill all your desires.

Whether you are a broadband or big network customer and spend £30 or £3000 a month, with us you get the same level of caring service, because we want a long term relationship with you. Don’t be left thinking ‘is that it? Once we have gotten to know you and found out exactly what it is you are looking for, let us spend the time checking out potential matches, and use our expertise to get you the right solution.

We are here to bring you the right services that fit your requirements & budget. Maybe it is time you looked for a new comms partner. Let us see if we can satisfy your needs.

All the best for Valentines and beyond.

Team HM x

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