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The CREATE Education project has been a customer and collaborator of HM Network for a number of years. The connectivity and hosted telephony services we provide helps keep them connected and talking to colleagues and clients, wherever they are working – the office, the warehouse, working from home, even from clients sites thanks to our Unified Communications services.

With roots in the same town, shared ethics and interests, and both organisations working with Education, it made perfect sense to have a conversation to see how we could help schools, colleges and universities unlock creative potential.

We have a number of projects working side by side that could really help schools do more with tech. Two of which are our own HM Network Tech Voucher Scheme, and the CREATE Education Loan Scheme. With students set to return back to school premises soon, now could be the ideal time to see how both could benefit your school.

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With the current COVID situation, schools having scalable and reliable connectivity has never been more important, to accommodate the increase in inbound and outbound traffic from the blended learning approach many schools are taking.

The HM Network team have been providing mission critical connectivity and telephony solutions to organisations across the UK since 2007 and have seen bandwidth demands rise significantly over the past couple of years, primarily due to the amount of media rich content the huge rise in including video and video conferencing.  The pandemic has shown that having the right connectivity in place to deal with change and demand, can massively reduce disruption.

The HM Network “Tech Voucher Scheme” offers education customers a way to help make budgets go further. A money back voucher that could be worth £thousands based on everyday services they need and already using such as internet and site to site connectivity, as well as telephony and moving to the cloud.


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The Tech Vouchers are designed to help schools re invest money, and improving technology such as:

  • internal network and WiFi
  • new computers and tablets,
  • interactive whiteboard and displays,
  • music, drama, media and broadcast technologies…
  • plus engineering technology such as 3D print, scanners, laser cutters and vacuum formers.


Having spoken to over 700 schools recently we have seen that many have had to invest budgets into things they had not foreseen over this past 12 months. Our projects can contribute to help schools improve tech in many areas whether on site or to provide a better learning and working experience off site too. If you would like to see how our Tech Voucher Scheme could benefit your school please contact us here.

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About the CREATE Education Loan Scheme

In order to ensure everybody has the opportunity to benefit from 3D Printing and STEAM Education enabled by technology, CREATE offer a fantastic FREE loan scheme.

If your school is interested in trialling these technologies, CREATE will support you by providing you with a 3D Printer3D Scanner or Vacuum Former and any necessary consumables on loan for a period of up to 4 weeks. Allowing you to complete your project and do all the making you require with the students in school.

A £100 deposit is payable in advance. All CREATE ask in return is that at the end of your loan period you share your experiences, project ideas and any classroom resources you use with the CREATE Education Project to help others in the community.

When the machine is returned along with the required community content form and supporting images or files your £100 deposit will be refunded in full. If you decide to keep and purchase the technology, your £100 deposit will be discounted from the retail price. Take a look at some of the projects others have run whilst benefiting from a loan machine below:

Please note: The CREATE loan scheme is very popular and although a number of 3D Printers, 3D Scanners and Vacuum Formers are available to support the scheme, equipment may not be available immediately.

If you are planning a future project, please contact CREATE so that they can advise on availability and schedule a potential date for the loan period. We also recommend that you have a project in mind prior to the loan period and start the students off with any necessary design work so that when you receive your machine, you are ready to use it straight away and then you can make full use of it during your loan period.

CREATE Loan Scheme – How to apply

Follow the simple steps to participate via the CREATE Education Loan Scheme


If you would like to speak to HM Network about the various ways we can help including our Tech Voucher Scheme, connectivity, telephony, network analytics, agile working, hardware recycling, cyber awareness and more… contact us on 03333 444 190, via info@hm-network.com or our contact page.

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