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Innovative New Music On Hold Portal

What impression do people get when they call your business?

What do your callers hear when being transferred from one extension to another, or when they’re placed on hold or queued?

Recent analysis reveals that, on average, callers listen to recordings for about 20% of the time they’re on the phone. But so many organisations are missing out on the opportunity to use their phone system to provide a great customer experience, to inform and entertain callers, or to upsell. 

Professional recordings for your phone system

Use your phone system to sound great and sell more, with professionally recorded announcements, on-hold and in-queue marketing.

HM Voices is an intuitive new service which allows you to order prompts for IVR menus, as well as music and marketing messages to play callers while in-queue or on-hold. It’s configured by you in real time using a simple-to-use web portal.

Innovative streaming technology unlocks powerful features that turn music on hold from a ‘silence filler’ into a powerful communication tool that business owners, contact centre managers and marketing professionals can use to drive significant business benefit.  

Key benefits:

  • Welcome callers with brand-enhancing messages;
  • Regularly updated music playlists, and a wide variety of different genres, stop your audio marketing from getting stale;
  • Schedule messages to play just when relevant… perhaps for sales promotions, seasonal services, Christmas and New Year announcements or upcoming special events;
  • Reduce caller frustration and call hang-ups;
  • Need inspiration? HM Voices has a library of 10,000+ professionally scripted messages – all included free within the service;
  • Get welcome messages and out-of-hours messages recorded by expert voice artists to make your business sound more professional;
  • Choose from 300+ professional voice artists or text to speech characters from all the leading TTS engines,
  • 50+ languages and dialects, find one that’s perfect for your business!

HM Voices is completely re-inventing a market that has changed little in the last 20 years. It exploits the opportunities presented by VoIP telephony services, streaming audio, personalisation, cloud infrastructure, SaaS business models, Freemium services and more. 

With Freemium, PAYGO, and subscriptions available from just £9.97 per month, you can really make your telephony work harder.

Visit our HM Voices page for more information. Contact us or call 03333 444 190 to arrange a free demo, and see how we can help your business with HM Voices.

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