Monitoring & Analytics

Providing you with control, visibility and insight to help you make the most of your network

Providing Visibility

Driving a vehicle without a dashboard is a bad idea. No warning lights. No idea how fast you are going. No indication if you are overheating or how much fuel you have left. So why operate a network without visibility? With solutions from trusted brands and providers. We can help.

Application Monitoring

View your network health, applications and services in real time with our easy to read Red Amber & Green “heat tiles”, or drill down further and run reports. Useful info for IT and management alike.

Content Filtering

Filtering helps you monitor and block or allow content for users on your network. We work with trusted solutions for business and education helping you manage content including websites, videos, images, applications, emails and more. 

Firewall / UTM

Protect your users, systems and mission critical data from threat with our range appliances. Cloud/virtual solutions plus table top and rack mount firewalls for enterprise, education and corporate environments.

Virtual Technician

Know what is on your network? We developed Virtual Technician to assist with network audits. It takes a snapshot of a clients network infrastructure, produces network diagrams and recommendations for improvement. 

Network Optimisation

Do you need to make things run better? We offer advice, products and services to help you optimise your network, so that you can concentrate on what your organisation does best.

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