Multisite & WAN

Connecting multiple sites can be a challenge. What type of network is right for you?

Connect locally, nationally & globally

Whether you need to connect two sites together, a network of national branches or sites across Europe and beyond, we can help you choose the right connectivity for your business.

Point to Point

Do you need to connect two locations together with a private link? We have various options available whether you need a local “short haul” data connection, or a point to point solution across the UK.

Ethernet VPN

Connect multiple sites across the UK with a private network that does not use the public internet. Access options from 1Mbps – 1Gbps available and port speeds from as low as 200Kbps.


If you need a network that offers Class of Service and end to end Quality of Service look no further. MPLS is available fully managed or wires only. Industry standard for organisations requiring secure, reliable non internet based IP connectivity. 


Leverage the power of multiple connectivity technologies with a Software Defined Wide Area Network.  We can make your connectivity work smarter, increase resilience, reduce complexity and provide increased visibility.

Dark Fibre & DWDM

Looking to do more with fibre? Lease un-lit “dark fibre” and connect your own equipment at each end. Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) provides a managed option with equipment included. Options available from multiple service providers.

Network Security

Support with information security, risk management, intrusion detection, breach remediation, data loss prevention, firewall, denial of service, encryption and more…

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