Reducing Cyber Risk

9/10 cyber security breaches happen as a result of human error. 

With many still working from home offices right now, strengthening human firewalls has never been more important.

Are your People Cyber Aware?

Would your or your workforce know how to spot a phishing attempt?

Whether you work alone, or have 100’s of staff our Cyber Awareness training can help you reduce risk and up skill your team members from as little as £1.39 per month. 

Training is available via our self service portal or we can also provide custom branded fully managed options too.

Packages For 1 - 1000s of Users

No two organisations are the same, which is why we offer bespoke courses, policy integration and policy management to suit your needs. Whatever your requirements, we’re committed to making cyber security training work for you. 

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Courses For All Types Of Business

Course Catalogue
(Ideal For Under 10 Users)
Compliance Package
(10 Users & More)
Phishing Simulation
Culture Package
(Managed Includes Phishing)

Why is cyber awareness important?

Don't Leave Things Too Late

Many organisations make the mistake of leaving things too late, and only implement change AFTER an incident or breach has happened. 

This can lead to regulatory fines, loss of reputation and loss of productivity while trying to remediate. 

By changing the way your team work and think, you can reduce risk and hopefully before it becomes a problem, and often at a much lesser cost. Get in touch we are happy to help.

Preying on Fears

This fake NHS email tricks people into providing personal information and their bank card details. Similar scams contain links that when clicked, can riddle your computer with spyware. The national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime has warned about coronavirus vaccine scams purporting to be from the NHS. Protect your people and data by keeping vigilant.

Organisational Vulnerabilities

Cyber security awareness solutions often neglect the fact that no two organisations are the same, including their vulnerabilities. The three-part Human Vulnerability Assessment highlights the parts of your human firewall that require extra attention, allowing us to deliver exceptionally effective training.

Addresses your needs

Tailored Course Rollout

The Culture package utilises our Employee Vulnerability Assessment to create a custom 10-course rollout plan for your organisation, changing behaviours in areas where your workforce are particularly vulnerable. Backed by an 18-point Reinforcement Strategy, it’s what makes The Culture package so effective at bringing measurable change. 

a Baseline for Improvement

Completed at the start of a 12-month term, the Human Vulnerability Assessment sets a baseline for your organisational cyber security awareness. At the end of your term, you’ll be invited to complete another assessment to reveal exactly how much and in what areas your workforce has improved.

Costa Effective

The fully managed “Culture” training package and Human Vulnerability Assessment costs less than the equivalent of a cup of coffee from your favourite drive thru…per person, per month. For less than £45 a head per year, can you afford not to?

The culture package

How Does The Culture Package Work?

1 -Data Collection & Planning

Your first month begins with a benchmark Human Vulnerability Assessment, which informs you of the the course selection and phishing emails in your Communications & Implementation Plan.

2 - Education & Reinforcement

Each month, you’ll be provided with a targeted module release, a simulated phishing email and our psychologically-informed 18-point Reinforcement Strategy. We’ll also be in touch every month to help you drive cultural change.

3 - Annual Baseline & Report

Your last month includes a repeat of your Human Vulnerability Assessment so you can see progress along with project performance metrics, high-risk recommendations and a revised implementation plan.

Cultural Change Around Cyber Security

Cyber security awareness is not just another box to tick. It’s a foundational element of any successful organisation. The Culture Package is our most innovative solution yet for human focussed cyber security. Combining enagaigng cyber security courses with a brand-new Human Vulnerability Assessment and the award-winning phishing simulation, Think Before You Click, it’s a truly unique approach.

Culture Package

The Culture Package brings real, measurable change to your workforce’s cyber security habits by tailoring your learning path to the hidden, high-risk factors that compromise your internal security. It begins with the Human Vulnerability Assessment, which uses a Phishing Baseline and an Awareness Questionnaire to determine your organisation’s blind spots and create your tailored course. 

Track & Improve

Track and Monitor Improvement

Measurable change has long been the white whale of cyber security. With the Culture package, we’ve landed the whale. Every month, we’ll share with you your workforce’s progress on each course and the results of the phishing email, and at the end of your twelve months, we’ll re-assess your staff so you can see exactly how your risk factors have reduced.

Transform Your Workforce's Cyber Security

No matter how effective the courses are, they’ll never change behaviours on their own. That’s why The Culture Package is uniquely designed to reinforce positive behaviours. 

With an 18-point Reinforcement Pack included with each monthly course, which includes a host of materials to use alongside your monthly course, including screensavers, blog posts, email signatures, quizzes and more, we ensure that every message is reinforced throughout your organisation.

It’s just one aspect of the psychological magic behind our Culture Package, ensuring that no lesson is lost and new behaviours are locked in.

Addressing Vulnerabilities

Bob’s Culture is designed to improve the areas your workforce are most vulnerable in, but we understand that many organisations have specific requirements. That’s why Bob’s Culture also includes:

 Full access to our course catalogue: 

Easily assign specific courses to people or groups in your business, complete with detailed reporting functionality, outside of your monthly course delivery.

Policy management: 

Upload your company policy documents and track your employees open and acceptance rates.

 Policy integration: 

Integrate your policies with our courses for a tailored learning experience.



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