HM Network can provide you with the right broadband services to keep you connected. We work with multiple trusted ISP / providers and can find you the best suited Broadband, Fibre Broadband or Mobile Broadband connection for your needs, location and budget.

Broadband comes in a variety of “flavours” and provides relatively low cost internet access to end users via shared access infrastructure. This is much more cost effective than a dedicated internet connection like a leased line (ethernet), because the infrastructure cost and bandwidth is essentially shared between a number of users. 

A broadband service offers a good balance between cost, speed and uptime availability. With broadband speeds available of up to 330Mbps we can help customers find the right solution.

We provide: ADSL, FTTC, FTTP, FTTPoD, Mobile Broadband & Data SIMs for IoT applications.

Confused about what is right for you? Unsure what services you can get? Talk to us. We are happy to help

How This Service will help you:

Who is the service for?

Home workers, micro business, small & medium enterprise, remote offices, branch sites.  

Perfect for chip & pin and contactless payment machines. 

Fibre broadband is a great option for retail sites who need fast cost effective connectivity.

Supports VoIP and hosted voice and great for guest WiFi too.

Enterprise broadband option – self managed estate with management portal and one bill. 

An example of one of the fibre broadband services we offer inc 4G is shown in the video below:

frequently asked questions

ADSL or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is usually what people refer to when talking about broadband. Typically offering speeds of up to 20Mbs download and up to 1Mbps upload. ADSL runs over the top of a copper PSTN telephone line. The length of the copper line between your property and the telephone exchange can impact the speeds you get due to resistance on the line. Longer lines result in lower speeds. This is a widely available type of broadband is is available at most locations.

VDSL stands for Very high speed Digital Subscriber Line. It is an evolution of the traditional ADSL broadband technology allowing greater speeds to be achieved. The technology differs a little but in simple terms, uses a combination of copper and fibre to deliver your internet.

As a result there is less resistance than a copper only connection meaning you can enjoy greater throughput (see FTTC).

Fibre only broadband is also available in some locations (see FTTP).

FTTC or Fibre to the Cabinet superfast broadband is the most common type of fibre broadband which uses fibre from the telephone exchange to the green street cabinet, then a copper line to your premises. Normally offering speeds up to 80Mbps download and 20Mbps upload, although higher G Fast speeds exceeding 100Mbps are available in some areas.

FTTP or Fibre to the Premises ultrafast broadband uses fibre direct to your premises. This is now becoming more widely available offering a choice of speeds of up to 330Mbps download and up to 30Mbps upload.

Faster speeds up to 900Mbps are being trialled in some areas. Feel free to get in touch and we can check.

It normally depends on what infrastructure has been installed in your area. FTTC is more widely available however some newer developments have no copper and are FTTP fibre only.

We have the ability to provide a Fibre to the Premises on Demand (FTTPoD) option for customers in locations that can get FTTC but want to benefit from a full fibre connection. There is normally an additional connection charge based on the length of fibre needed. 

We can happily check to see what services you can get.

Mobile Data SIMs offer an alternative to fixed line connectivity and can be used in applications such as  IoT, or used in conjunction with a MiFi personal hotspot or a plug and play mains powered router.

A mobile broadband SIM can be used to get a site up and running in much less time than waiting for a fixed line (rapid deployment), as a backup connection like in 4G assure or in situations where other connectivity is not available. 

Unlike a dedicated fibre connection, you will see “up to” speeds noted in many broadband service descriptions, often due to bandwidth being shared and/or line length.

However some broadband services come with a Minimum Guaranteed Access Line Speed aka MGALS.  This guaranteed speed is usually lower than the maximum the line is capable of, but means you should not drop below the MGALS speed even at busy times:

Example a fibre to the cabinet connection FTTC might show estimated maximum line speed of 76Mbps but could have an MGALS of 45Mbps. 

Most business broadband services are sold on 12 and 24 month terms and can be available with or without a router. We also have flexible term and 30 days rolling term options on some of our ADSL, FTTC and Mobile Broadband services – ideal for self managed broadband estates, short term requirements, temporary offices, construction sites, disaster recovery, or for home working to keep business and personal internet usage separate. Ask for more details.

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