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eSIM M2M and IOT.

Technology has changed the way we live and work. Much of this is down to automation. Industries have been using radio telemetry for years so that machines can communicating with each other to automate tasks. In more recent years Machine to Machine (M2M) communications have made use of the cellular networks. 

M2M SIM cards allow connectivity between two devices without touching the internet and have been used for a number of years.The Internet of Things (IoT) in more recent years, has allows us to connect all manner of devices via IP using the internet (whether public or private). We can connect to virtually anything these days to control, monitor and collect information. 

If you have a handful of SIMs to manage,  and the machines they sit in are local, then managing an estate is relatively easy. If you have an estate of thousands however, this becomes a serious undertaking. It is further complicated if that estate of SIMs is inaccessible as they are embedded in devices or because they are in geographically remote or hard to access locations. The complication might simply be that they are spread across a large geographic area, spanning multiple countries or even continents.

HM Network can provide a number of SIM solutions including M2M and now eSIM. eSIM is a major evolution in SIM technology.  They can be reprogrammed Over The Air (OTA). If you have an estate of SIMs you could change the network remotely without having to physically swap the SIM. Take advantage of better airtime commercials without having to commit the man power.   

Our eSIM are GSMA compliant. They do not have a home network – they are un-steered so they are able to connect to the strongest signal, no steering and no preference. eSIM can be seen as a container for multiple SIM profiles (which can be added to / updated OTA). 

A single eSIM can potentially have multiple connectivity options at any given time. Every eSIM is assigned a ‘bootstrap profile’ after it has been manufactured which means that the SIM can connect wherever it is activated around the globe.


UK coverage on EE, O2, Three & Vodafone. UK breakout. Global coverage over 450 networks in 190 countries.


How This Service will help you:

  • Quick Set Up & Deployment
  • 1 / 3 / 12 / 24 Month Contracts
  • Internet Virtually Anywhere
  • Data Plans For All Situations
  • UK Service From EE, O2, Vodafone, Three
  • International Service From Providers Around The Globe

Who is the service for?

Smart sensors, connected vehicles, fitness equipment, smartwatches, CCTV, smart meters, agriculture, farming, smart sensors for live stock, transport, traffic lights & signals, smart signage, vending machines, gaming machines, hotels, card payment machines, door entry, remote access

frequently asked questions

Our physical SIM cards are standard size triple cut so: standard size, Nano (4FF), Micro (3FF) Mini (2FF). We can also offer as embeddable (MFF2). Please contact us for more information

Typical allowances per SIM are 10MB to 200GB per month. We can however provide pooled data and bespoke contracts for larger consumption/

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