Work anywhere on any device
Unified Communications using a wide range of devices.
Feature packed phones
Our IP phones allow you to work from the office, at home, wherever you choose.
Stylish Telephony
Touch screen executive desk phones
Lets huddle
Conference units for the board room.
On the move
Feature packed DECT phones for people who like to wander, warehouse staff or a home office.
Basic handsets
Simpler more modest handsets available.
Call Analytics
See how your team perform, missed calls and more.
Call Recording
For training, compliance and peace of mind.

Phone systems for every business

There is no one size fits all phone system. Every business is different and has different requirements. We can help you find a solution perfectly suited to your needs. Finding the right phone system for your business needn’t be a stress. From simple plug and play voip phones for micro business, to feature packed solutions for larger organisations or call centres, we can provide you with a system that not only addresses your needs now but also for the future.

Agile Working – The current global COVID19 situation has demonstrated that agile working can keep a business connected even if staff are not physically all in the same office. From desk phones, software for computers to mobile solutions making use of smartphones via apps… we can keep you talking on your business numbers.

With ISDN being phased out a cloud hosted telephone system is the obvious choice for business from 1 – 100’s of users. A cloud based solution makes remote management a breeze. No need to physically attend sites to make changes. All features including auto attendant greetings, diverts and hunt groups can be managed from anywhere using the web portal. Setting up users to work in the office, or across multiple sites including home working is quick and easy too.  HM Network provide various hosted voice platforms from trusted providers.

How This Service will help you:

Who is the service for?

Home workers, micro business, small & medium enterprise, remote offices, branch sites, corporate and public sector. We can accommodate any organisation that needs a voice solution. Local and national geographic numbers available to use anywhere, as well as non geo 03xx numbers. Customised features available for each user or group, physical desk phone or softphone options.  

Confused about what is right for you? Talk to us. We are happy to help. An example of one of the platforms we offer Cloud Voice, is shown above, and the analytics suite shown below.  


Typical pricing from
£ 6
  • Entry level license
  • Designed for general all-purpose phone use.
  • Ideal for reception area, warehouse, behind a bar, in a garage, kitchen, lobby or workshop.


Typical pricing from
£ 8
  • Ideal for office-based workers like sales people, accountants and PAs.
  • Designed for users who need a full range of call management features.
  • Cloud Voice Connect offers the same features as the Basic package, plus a whole lot more.


Typical pricing from
£ 12
  • Designed for users who need access to your business phone system on the move.
  • Cloud Voice Collaborate builds on the features offered in the Connect package.
  • Includes MacOS & Windows app, iOS & Android app plus conferencing facilities.

frequently asked questions & Features

Unlike a traditional on site phone system or PBX, a hosted system is a cloud based telephone system. They offers many benefits including scalability compared to a physical system. They are normally much more cost effective than a physical system too.

Hosted services are normally much more cost effective to deploy and run than a physical system. There is no capital outlay for the system itself, as it is virtual in the cloud. Handsets may incur a cost however depending on the term and platform we can often provide these for little or no upfront cost also. 

Yes. This type of service is perfect for organisations so that staff can work from remote sites or home. We can provide physical plug and play handsets or a variety of soft phone options too.

With this type of service being cloud based it is very easy to manage via a web login. If you need to change the greeting or auto attendant at different sites, you can do this in a matter of minutes without needing to physically attend the sites.

We can provide Android and iOS mobile and tablet softphone clients. These will allow you to make and take calls on your existing smart device. We also provide software options for Mac OS and Windows PC so that you can use your laptop or desktop as your phone.  Please ask for further information.

We can offer various contract lengths depending on the platform and your requirements.  From temporary solutions for a couple of months, to more standard 1/3/5 year agreements. Please ask for details.

Yes. It is easy to set up rules so that you callers can automatically be presented with different messages depending on the time if day . They can also be re routed to different places out of hours or bank holidays for example.

During the provisioning process you will be allocated an order manager from the service centre. They will liaise with you on how you need the system to be set up, users, hunt groups etc, and will generally be your first port of call for anything before your Cloud Voice service is complete and handed over.  If you need additional support post handover we have various options available. Most of the services we provide are plug & play as far as the client is concerned. Once our team have built your system, any physical handsets will download their configurations from the cloud once plugged into a working internet connection.  

This all depends on what you need. In many instances our clients do the unboxing and connecting the handsets to the base with provided cabled themselves. The config will download from the internet. If you require us to unbox and build your physical phones, we have options available. Please ask for further details.

We have access to engineers and trusted cabling partners around the UK. If you require structured cabling please let us know and we can discuss options available. 

On the initial handover our team will provide a run through of the system and how it has been configured. It is all cloud based so changes can be made from anywhere if and when needed.  

We will provide you with access to the knowledge base containing useful tips on getting started, portal over view, applications, managing calls, how to use Cloud Voice etc… 

For businesses who want to get the absolute most from the Cloud Voice system, additional Cloud Voice training options are available. For anywhere, anytime access, choose our Training Platform. It’s got it all from self-service courses and video tutorials, through to instructor-led webcasts and 121 Guru sessions.

The Training Platform is available as a monthly subscription or one off fee based on what training you need and if you require one off sessions or courses for your teams to access.

After the personal touch? Then on-site training with a face-to-face lesson in your own office is for you. Combine this with one of our Training Platform options — ideal for a training refresh and new employees.

Please speak with us to discuss your requirements and how Cloud Voice training can benefit your business.

One of the platforms we offer is Cloud Voice. You can download an information pack HERE

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