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Ultrafast Full Fibre

Our internet needs have evolved beyond dial-up. While dedicated ethernet leased lines are a good choice for for essential connectivity, more cost effective “broadband “options can be provided across various technologies, each with different speeds, SLAs, and price points.

Whatever your requirements, we have a solution.

How Can Our Broadband Help You?

How fast do you need to go?

ADSL broadband speed? Superfast? Ultrafast? Where FTTP Full Fibre is available you can reach speeds of up to 900Mbps! Ethernet now up to 10Gbps!

4G Hybrid Connect

Whether you need rapid deployment ahead of fibre being installed, or 4G backup in case of a problem, we can keep you connected using 4G.  

Complete WiFi

Say goodbye to dead zones. A complete Wi-Fi solution using multiple smart discs (or meshed access points) can help improve wireless coverage.

*** Important Notice ***

With copper/analogue technology being phased out, businesses need to be thinking about alternatives for broadband internet. 

Services that use a copper PSTN line such as ADSL, FTTC and GFAST will no longer be available for new supply from 5th September 2023. All IP digital alternatives, such as SOGEA are the replacement for copper based FTTC, and where available, Full Fibre aka FTTP should be the option to consider. 

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We are here to help you

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With so many options being available, it can be confusing working out which service or bundle is right for your businesses needs. 

HM Network are dedicated to helping customers get the most from their communications. 

We can help you choose the right option whether broadband only, or with 4G backup, a digital phone line or whole complete WiFi.

Unbreakable Wi-Fi

Do You Feel Loved?
ADSL, FTTC and Full Fibre FTTP with 4G backup and complete Wi-Fi!

4G Backup with Hybrid Connect
The EE powered 4G Hybrid Connect unit provides a mobile network backup connection that automatically connects in the event of a problem.

Complete Wi-Fi
Avoid internet blacks pots around your business premises with up to 6 meshed Wi-Fi access points.

Full Fibre Internet

Compared to copper fibre is much less likely to be affected by bad weather. Plus the distance from the exchange is no longer a limiting factor on your speed.

Speeds of up to 900Mbps
With ultra-fast broadband, more people can work on line at the same time, without the internet grinding to a halt unlike older technology.

Vastly improved performance
Multiple users and devices can share the connection at the same time meaning video calls, sharing huge files, running cloud apps – is much better.

Future proofed connection
Just one step down from a leased line, a Full Fibre “GPON” connection is the best of the best when it comes to a broadband service. Helping meet the ever changing needs of your business.

Need a digital phone line?

Internet only or phone too? It’s your call!
We can provide a Full Fibre internet connection on it’s own, or as part of a bundle with a digital telephone line…

Cloud Voice Express
For customers where basic telephony is needed, we can provide Cloud Voice Express. A digital phone service ideal for up to 5 users in the same premises.

Cloud Voice with Webex
For customers who require more advanced calling capabilities such as auto attendant, comfort messaging, music on hold, call reporting, call recording, CRM integration and much more – the feature rich Cloud Voice platform could be better suited. 

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