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What does it do?

The Virtual Technician is designed as a fully autonomous network monitoring tool. The Virtual Technician provides you with information on your network, devices connected and alerts you to errors as they occur. The intuitive dashboard gives you maximum control, even if you aren’t an expert.

How does it work?

The device connects to your network and scans. Collecting data from devices on the network it can build a map from scratch and give you a detailed overview of the network. The device collects data every 5 minutes and should have no noticeable affect on any network. A report can then be drawn up by our team detailing your network within a week.

Is it secure?

The Virtual Technician is built on state of the art hardware that is not only robust but secure. Our device is independently tested for security and conforms to all best practices. Not only is our device secure, but it also provides security for your network with inbuilt alerts and white listing for known devices while detecting rogue devices.


How this service will help

Who is the service for?

Business Owners, IT Managers, IT Companies, Service Technicians are just a few examples.

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