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A prompt recording, in-queue and on-hold marketing solution for any phone system.

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Voice artists can charge hundreds of pounds for IVR prompts and recordings. With our HM Voices platform, you can create your own prompts with the high quality text to speech or real voice artists in male, or female and in many styles and regional accents.  

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For all Business Sizes

The service is for telephony customers of all sizes, and can be managed by the end user or with our help. The telephone is often the primary customer interface for SMEs, who frequently want to sound bigger and more professional than they are – which adding professional recordings achieves.   

Corporate customers in a competitive environment need to take every opportunity to up-sell and promote themselves, and on-hold marketing is a frequently over-looked marketing medium.   

At the top end, enterprise and contact centre customers need to ensure every customer contact is brand and experience enhancing.  

Find your Voice

Everyone wants to make a good first impression – with the HM Voices portal you can unleash the potential of on-hold and in-queue marketing to up-sell, reduce call handling times and improve your customers’ perception of your business. 

Use the extensive range of high quality Text To Speech voices or order professional voice artist recordings to use for IVR menus, auto-attendant or out of hours notices.  

Voice artist recordings are delivered in 2-3 days, and text-to-speech recordings immediately, but the service includes the option to automatically replace TTS recordings with real recordings when they are ready, providing the best of both worlds – speed and quality.

The following demo uses examples of text to speech and a variety of our professional voice artists. 

Take a listen. 

Download & Streaming Options

This revolutionary platform for in-queue and on-hold audio takes these services to a whole new and exciting level. We can provide audio downloads as well as streaming options.

The HM Voices Portal includes a library of more than ten thousand message scripts and recordings, that can be set live instantly by end users.

The production of bespoke prompts and messages by 300+ voice artists or best of breed text-to-speech characters, all edited and quality checked by our studio engineers.    

With a straightforward charging structure, music and messages from a library of generic scripts, or unlimited bespoke recordings, can be streamed to telephone systems and contact centres on demand.





£9.97 pm


£37 pm


£197 pm


£397 pm



(min. 12 month)

(min. 12 month)

 (min. 12 month)

(min. 12 month)



Real voice recorded messages included *






AI generated & recorded messages






On-hold/In-queue messages 






On-hold/In-queue compilation templates






On-hold/In-queue music library


 Yes Yes Yes Yes

On-hold/In-queue updates

  Yes Yes Yes Yes

On-hold/In-queue message scheduling

   Yes Yes Yes

Christmas music scheduling

   YesYes  Yes

Marketing messages library

   Yes Yes Yes

Daily News and factoids 

   Yes Yes Yes

Voice Guarantee

   Yes Yes Yes

Enterprise dashboard view

    Yes Yes

Real voice messages are available at £47 each in excess of credits included within paid subscription packages. Real voice recordings in excess of 50 words are charged at 77p / word thereafter. Real voice messages included allowance are automatically replenished on every 12-month anniversary.

Please refer to Term and Conditions for Fair Use Policy in respect of unlimited features. 

Unlock your Potential

See how this innovative AI driven platform can unleash the power of your phone system, especially those with streaming capabilities..

want Us to Do It For you?

No problem. We can set up your HM voices account and help you manage it, or just take care of it for you.

Whenever you need voice prompts, music on hold, comfort messaging just let us know and we can sort it out, and even help you upload your files if you need us to. 

Please get in touch for more information

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our business is built on customer service, and we want to provide recordings you and your customers will love. If you are not entirely happy with the recording, simply let us know within 2 weeks, and we’ll re-record  for free.

It can be costly and time-consuming if your chosen voice artist is no longer available.  To protect you, if any voice artist is no longer available, we can re-record everything, free of charge, with a new voice (T&Cs apply). With HM Voices you can be assured of voice consistency on your telephone system…forever! 

frequently asked questions

Yes sure.

Once you get portal access you will see tutorial videos in the top right hand side of the screen. If you need further help just ask.

Subscribing customers get access to “How To videos” and contact details for our support team on our Help Page: https://hm-network.pv-site.com/General/Support/Index  If you simply want us to create and deliver your prompts and audio files we can do this too. Please ask for more info.

Yes, a customer can ‘upload’ a track into the system (subject to confirming they have the legal rights to do so). This uploaded track will only be accessible to that customer. Note the cost of music performance licences payable to PRS/PPL (or any other music performing rights society) can be very substantial which is why very few companies use licenced music for their on-hold productions.

Some new tracks are added to each playlist once a quarter to keep the experience fresh for your callers.

Our Voice Artists only licence the recordings for use on your telephony platforms. If you require a recording that’s to be used on other platforms (e.g. Video) please use the contact details on the help page to get in touch.

This depends on your package. The Basic package has a service level of 5 English working days. Other packages have a 2 English working day SLA.

  • These are available if we have a voice artist who speaks that pair of languages fluently. When requesting a bespoke message, you will see in the Voice Artist notes field if they offer bilingual recordings. You will need to provide the script in the correct languages (i.e. we don’t yet offer translations).
  • The platform is located on AWS which is such a good internet connection that no QoS issues should arise at our end. However, the platform has QoS monitoring which will raise an alarm to our engineering team should QoS issues arise.

Our platform is architected to be highly resilient. It has a global default music playlist locally loaded, which will play in the absence of connection to other servers in the architecture.

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