WiFi & Installations

WiFi solutions for enterprise, guest and retail environments, cabling, phone deployment, installations & more.

Wireless & Installation Services

We can help with a wide range of fixed cabling and WiFi services to help you connect sites, staff, guests or hardware. Whether you need to connect an office, garden room, bar, restaurant, school, shopping centre, hotel, serviced accommodation, festival, stadium or venue… we can help.  


Our SMi-Fi team can work with you to integrate guest WiFi with Social Media logons. We can provide custom branded splash pages, customer feedback tools, CRM and marketing integrations, loyalty schemes, rewards and much more.

Enterprise WiFi

We provide scalable enterprise grade network services and WiFi solutions for a wide range of applications from trusted providers including: Ruckus, Ubiquiti, Cisco, Meraki & more… Using your floor plans we can provide heat maps to show where access points should be installed for optimum coverage. 

Need Internet Connectivity Too?

A reliable WiFi deployment also needs suitable connectivity for devices and users to be able to connect to the internet.  HM Network provide a wide variety of fibre and over the air services from multiple providers and carriers. We can often also provide options where major players may struggle to connect. From single sites to multi sites, business parks, shopping malls, city centres, events and more, we can help.

Please ask for more details. 

Guest WiFi

Keeping business and guest WiFi access separate is essential. With our range of free and paid guest WiFi services you can keep your business data safe and secure while offering your guests various ways to log in too.

Social WiFi

Our Social WiFi solutions allow your customers to easily connect to your guest WiFi using Facebook, Instragram, LinkedIn, Twitter & more. Grow your followers, increase likes and shares. Engage with users to help promote offers and services. 

Customer Insight

With Social WiFi, you can understand your customers with intuitive dashboards. See nationality, age, gender, frequency of visits, footfall, when your busy periods are, and much more… With the GDPR compliant marketing functionality, you can even get tailored rewards, messaging and content to your WiFi users. 

Test & Trace

Intuitive Test & Trace solution using guest WiFi infrastructure.  Visitors submit contact information on entry. In the event of a local outbreak visitors can be alerted that they may have been in contact with someone who tested positive. Personal data collected in compliance with GDPR and is automatically deleted after 21 days.


Think of this as sat nav for people – not cars. Give visitors turn by turn directions to find their way around on complex sites, such as hospitals, shopping centres, campuses and venues. Using a combination of technologies can pin point a visitor or location to within a few feet. 

Monetising WiFi

You can offer free internet access or monetise your WiFi by charging for access. Many venues offer free access for 5, 10, 30 minutes initially and then provide the customer with paid tiered bandwidth options. How much, how fast and how long is completely up to you. 

Installations, Cabling & More

We provide structured cabling design and implementation, desk based and on site wireless surveys, a range of comms cabinets, containment, fibre, managed telephone system installation and much more…

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