HM Cyber Essentials 2022


Cyber Essentials Plus – 2022 Pass

Well it is that time of year once again for us. This week HM Network Ltd attained our Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification for the 3rd year in a row. Our CE certificate is already published, our CE+ should appear shortly.

So what does CE+ mean? Cyber Essentials is the UK Governments benchmark to show that a business takes Cyber Security seriously. It demonstrates that your organisation is security conscious. It shows you value the importance of taking measures to secure your customers data.

Being Cyber Essential certified gives assurance to your customers as you are in compliance with a Government Recognised level of information security. We are hearing of more and more companies requiring partners and outsourced services to be able to demonstrate that they are working to Cyber Essentials standards.

You can check if you, a client, or perhaps companies in your supply chain are certified on the Cyber Essentials Register


Cyber Essentials helps implement basic, yet crucial information security measures within your organisation. So why gain accreditation?

  • Demonstrate to customers your commitment to security
  • Defend your organisations critical data against prevalent cyber threats
  • Ensure you company retains a sound reputation
  • Enable your organisation to bid for Government contracts


HM Network work with various Cyber Essentials certification bodies and can provide support and remediation work. We also have a number of guides available, which can help you prepare and achieve CE and CE+ quickly and efficiently. 

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