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Hybrid Connect – Rapid Deployment Internet Connectivity & Backup


Internet When You Really Need It.

There may be occasions where you need internet connectivity quickly, perhaps for a new site, but time is not on your side. The lead time to have a new copper or full fibre line installed can vary from job to job. In situations like this the 4G Hybrid Connect service really shines. It is a piece of kit that works alongside your BT Smart Hub.

If you need internet connectivity quickly with our expedited service you can often be up and running on 4G within a day or two. The 4G part provides over the air connectivity that is shared to the provided router, so you can connect using ethernet cables or wirelessly. If you opt for unlimited use internet, the 4G will also be unlimited use so you don’t need to worry about how much data you are using. 


Rapid Deployment & Backup Connectivity In One.

Once your main service goes live, the 4G hybrid connect service acts as a sort of failover or backup connection. If your main service is interrupted or develops a fault, the 4G kicks in automatically (normally between 90-130 seconds) so you can continue using the internet while the fault is addressed. When the fault clears, the service will trip back over to the main internet connection. Each of the pieces of equipment contain LED’s that change colour to let you know their status at a glance, which can help you work out if there is a problem in no time at all, even though you are still online. 


What do the Hybrid Connect lights mean?

The lights on your Hybrid Connect give you an instant status report. One look tells you your signal level and how well it’s working:

Central light What it means

Hybrid Connect is starting up.
Flashing green

Hybrid Connect isn’t paired with your hub. Make sure your hub is on and connected to your Hybrid Connect.
Flashing blue

Hybrid Connect is connecting to your hub.

Hybrid Connect is connected to your hub.

Hybrid Connect is too far from your hub.
Flashing red

Hybrid Connect can’t connect to your hub. Try using your Ethernet cable and restarting Hybrid Connect.

There’s a problem. First restart Hybrid Connect. If the light is still red, get in touch.
4G signal bars What it means
Flashing blue

Hybrid Connect is connecting to 4G.
All blue

Hybrid Connect has a strong 4G signal.
Partially blue

Hybrid Connect has a 4G signal. How to improve your 4G signal
All white

Hybrid Connect is using mobile data.

This will keep you connected if you have Hybrid Backup, or give you a faster connection if you have Hybrid Speed Boost.

Flashing red

Hybrid Connect can’t connect to 4G.

There’s a problem, please contact us.




Step by step setup guide.

Setting up Hybrid Connect is straightforward. You’ll need to do this to get the best performance from Hybrid Backup and Hybrid Speed Boost.

The quickest way to set up Hybrid Connect is by using the BT Business app. Download from your app provider:

Download the BT Business app from the Apple App StoreDownload the BT Business app from Google Play

Not got the app? Watch the short video to see how to set up Hybrid Connect. Or simply follow the seven steps below.

If you’ve got a Hybrid Connect you can also get connected straight away without your broadband being activated. Just plug your hub in and follow the instructions on the device packaging.


1. Plug in your Hybrid Connect device next to your hub

Hybrid Connect and SmartHub 2 plugged into mains next to one another

2. Switch on your Hybrid Connect device

Press the power button on the back of your Hybrid Connect device to switch it on.

Power button on the right bottom when facing the rear of the unit


3. Plug your Hybrid Connect device into your hub

Plug one of your provided Ethernet cable (the one with yellow ends) into your Hybrid Connect device and the other into any of the yellow sockets on the back of your hub.

Hub and Hybrid Connect linked with yellow ended ethernet cable

4. Wait for both lights to turn solid blue or orange

There are two lights on the front of your Hybrid Connect device. Wait until both lights are either a solid blue or orange colour before continuing.

Clock and Hybrid Connect device - waiting for both lights


5. Check your 4G Signal

Hybrid Connect device


6. If your signal is good

If you see all three bars lit up on your Hybrid Connect device then it is in a great position and you are done.

Hybrid Connect unit with 3 bars illuminated


7. If your signal is weak

If two or less bars are lit up, try repositioning your Hybrid Connect device to get the best signal. After the initial setup it no longer needs to be connected using an ethernet cable meaning you can put it elsewhere, perhaps near a window to get a better 4G signal. If you need help doing this read the positioning your Hybrid connect guide.

Hybrid Connect device with 1 bar illuminated

There is also a great FAQ here.


If you would like to order 4G Hybrid Connect, Fibre Broadband, any other services or have any questions, please contact us via our contact page.

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