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The GDPRexpress Tour Of The North

GDPR – the acronym that dominated the headlines and caused quite a stir on social media throughout 2017 and 2018. There was an awful lot of confusion about what sorts of businesses this would effect. Would it only apply to major corporations? If you had less than 250 employees were you exempt?

How would it effect marketing professionals? Were the fines for getting things wrong automatically €20M?

HM Network had been talking to businesses up and down the country and asking if they knew anything about GDPR. The most common reply was no. For the organisations who had heard about GDPR, it was evident that there was a lot of confusion and misinformation.

As GDPR stories started to circulate more is caused more panic especially in SME territory. Businesses wanted to be able to talk to professionals without being judged. What was myth and what was fact?


GDPRexpress vanilla


We decided talk to some of our specialist partners about putting on a free event to help small and medium businesses understand what was coming and how to prepare. We wanted to make sure businesses could see how this would effect them in a number of ways.

This first session was fully booked within a couple of hours and it became clear that this was a topic businesses needed help with. We put together a team of professionals who could talk about the legal aspects, data privacy,  cyber security and ethical hacking, how companies could get training to minimise risk, digital marketing and securing networks plus how to dispose of old IT equipment in a safe and legal manner.

The GDPRexpress tour of the North

On the run up to 25th May 2018, our GDPRexpress workshops attracted over 1100 attendees and were held at numerous venues around the North of England including:


If your organisation needs support with data privacy, cyber security, cyber awareness training and GDPR feel free to get in touch.

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