Fibre Broadband & 4G


Business Type – International Business Development

Client – Talent Dynamics, Lancashire

Size: 10+ staff

Product/Service – Fibre Broadband and 4G



Talent Dynamics are a Business Development Training Company providing business training to a number of territories. The office was moving to a new development that had once been a working farm, without had any form of connectivity 



Rapid Deployment

A fibre broadband router with a 4G connection, which was delivered to site the next working day until the actual copper line was connected.


Our support team coordinated delivery of the line and within a week the copper line was activated too. Once working the line provided super fast internet connectivity. The router would then only use the 4G connection as a backup service which would provide resilience in the event the main line was down for any reason.



Within minutes of powering the unit up a 4G internet connection was ready so calls could be made with clients around the world using Skype / Microsoft Teams while the actual copper line was waiting to be connected.


The fibre broadband provided super fast internet connectivity, with the 4G connection as a backup service providing resilience in the event the main line was down for any reason.


Since taking Fibre broadband with 4G backup Talent Dynamics have worked with clients in various time zones around the globe. No matter what time of day the internet connection works flawlessly with the added peace of mind that even if a falling tree took out the line, the 4G connection would automatically kick in.



“HM Network were a dream to deal with. Moving is stressful enough without having the extra worry that we might have no internet”


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