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Lancashire Based National Cyber Force HQ

With HM Network having strong ties with Cyber Security and Cyber Awareness, we were over the moon when we heard that GCHQ had chosen a location at Salmesbury, just outside our home City of Preston for the new National Cyber Force HQ. 

The new £5BN project will create around 2000 jobs in our local area, and will also put Preston on the map for Cyber excellence.

At an event last week, it was made clear that the roles at the centre would appeal to a range of people, not just techies:

“The NCF is expected to create around 2,000 jobs and senior members emphasised their commitment to recruiting a genuinely diverse and inclusive local workforce, and discussed how they wanted to challenge the stereotype that people working in cyber roles are exclusively ‘techies,’ and ‘coders’.

Speakers highlighted that many of the roles are set to be non-technical, and that there will be employment opportunities to suit young people, new graduates and career-changers, as well as experienced cyber professionals.”  – taken from


The National Cyber Force was established in 2020 and will focus on:

  • Countering threats from terrorists, criminals and states using the internet to operate across borders in order to do harm to the UK and other democratic societies.
  • Countering threats which disrupt the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and services in cyberspace (i.e. supporting cybersecurity).
  • Contributing to UK Defence operations and helping deliver the UK’s foreign policy agenda (for example intervening in a humanitarian crisis to protect civilians).

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The creation of the new centre highlights that we are living in an age where cyber threats are very real and on the increase, and it is not just technical people that need to be “Cyber Savvy” – entire workforces and civilians too should be on the ball when it comes to online security. 

At HM Network we have helped many individuals and organisations up skill, to think before they click, and become more aware of online threats and risks. 

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