Do you use SIM cards?

At HM Network, we provide handsets and data plans on multiple networks, but if you use SIM card’s for anything other than in mobile phones … maybe we should have a more in depth chat.

M2M, IOT, Big Data Pots and tiny ones too.

Whether you need UK Carriers or Global Carriers

Single or Multi Network.. even carrier agnostic.

Private APN available

Fixed network, agnostic, multi net, dynamic or fixed IP address…

If any of this makes sense to you the chances are we can help!

SIMs are used in all sorts of things these days – On cows tails (I am not even joking – with the right kit they can help tell vets when a calf is about to be born), Smart meters, Vehicle Telematics, temperature monitoring, energy monitoring, asset tracking, remote worker, in vehicle connectivity, rapid deployment, pre ethernet connectivity, 4G/5G backup….

Energy Buildings, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Transport, Retail, Security, IT Networks.

We will provide you with access to a SIM activation and management portal. Monitor usage, set limits and alerts, bar and unbar SIMs…

Plus Fixed private IP across all networks and Fixed public IP across networks available as optional extra too.

Sound like we could help? Please get in contact with us.

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