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Unbreakable Wi-Fi

If you are a small business and you rely on your connectivity you should take a look at what we can do for you using BT Business Broadband with Unbreakable Wi-Fi.
ADSL, FTTC and FTTP Full Fibre Options available, with up to 900Mbps download speeds!
Whats more, it is backed by EE, the UK’s leading mobile network meaning you can get up and running often within a couple of days and even before your main service is delivered.
The 4G EE powered Hybrid Connect unit, provides over the air backup (like a failover) to the main service once it is up and running.
In the event of an issue your BT router automatically switches over to 4G (on average between 95 – 127 seconds) and automatically again back once the main connection once service is restored.
If you opt for complete Wi-Fi, we can also provide addition discs to provide complete coverage of your business (terms apply).
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