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Preston City Council – Phishing & Compliance


Business Type – City Council

Client – Preston City Council, Lancashire

Size: 600+ staff

Product/Service – Compliance & Phishing Awareness



Preston City Council had previously undertaken various forms of Phishing Awareness training through several different providers but weren’t satisfied with the training they were receiving. They were already using the one of the Policy and Compliance solutions that HM Network provide, so they decided to look at the Phishing Simulation suite too.


Targeted Cyber crime aimed users is on the rise and they are getting ever in the way the criminals approach it.  One click by a single user on the wrong link or attachment, could be absolutely devastating to an organisation.



Changing existing cultures and getting rid of bad practices reduces risk. No matter if you are a sole trader, micro business, SME, local government or corporation, there needs to be affordable tools available to help deliver and evidence staff training and change how we think about data.   


HM Network have a collection of platforms available so that staff can benefit from training delivered in a consistent way that does not detract from day to day tasks, but rather enhances them.



Easy to fit into training schedules – The training is bite sized training so a user doesn’t have to spend half their working day doing training. The messages are short and clear and well presented.


Preston City Council also found it useful for sending out corporate training campaigns. The Information Governance team are using GDPR modules to send out training.



Increase in pass rate – In terms of progress, when PCC ran their very first campaign (using a different provider) over 50% of those being trained clicked the rogue link, with this new training about 93% pass, which is a great result  considering the number of new employees and Council Members undertaking the training.



“We have around 650 staff so the training isn’t “cheap” as a whole for us to do, but with this solution being priced per head it is actually good value when you work it out. It’s really intuitive to build a simulated phishing campaign, and we’ve done a few since we started using it. ” – Sharon Thornton at Preston City Council

Want to see how HM Network can help your team up-skill and become cyber aware? Use the form below or visit our Compliance & Training page or contact us for more information.

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