School Catch Up Tsar Resigns Due To Lack Of Funding.

We saw on the BBC News this week, the headline “School Catch up Tsar resigns due to lack of funding” available for schools to help recover from the pandemic.

HM Network have spoken to over 1000 schools in the last 6 months, and had feedback from a large number of  teachers and front line staff who are concerned that students will miss out on the education they deserve. Sir Kevan Collins stated that the governments current plans of funding for school recovery “does not come close” to what was needed.


HM Network might be able to help!

Our Tech Voucher Scheme was launched to help schools benefit from a technology refresh, to enable classrooms to be connected. We have now expanded this to allow schools to access funds to help with pandemic recovery plans.

You can learn more here.


Helping with your recovery plans.

If you work in a school, college or university, who is already looking to upgrade leased line internet connectivity, move your phones to the cloud, or add security to your network and could benefit from funds to spend on tech or help with your covid recovery please contact us.

Our Tech Voucher scheme could help provide £0,000s in funding to provide additional tuition, equipment and more.


News just in!

Special Education pricing now available to qualifying schools for new 1Gb BTnet connections*!

Already a BTnet customer? No problem. Get in touch and speak to our specialists to hear what upgrade options are available.

03333 444 190


*Terms and conditions apply. Subject to qualification criteria being met.

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