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The Business Benefits Of Cloud-Based Telephony

In business, it’s likely you’ll need to be communicating with customers daily.  There are many forms this communication can take. Email, chat, phone calls – it can be difficult to keep track. 

Using a cloud-based telephony system can help you to streamline your communication channels so that you can do everything in one place. Aside from that, there is more demand than ever on businesses to have additional call features that are simply not possible with traditional phones. 

Cloud-based telephony can do so much more for you and your customers. If you’re not already, it is worth re-evaluating your current telephone system to see if your business could benefit from a move to the cloud!  


What Is Cloud-Based Telephony?

Traditionally we are used to having telephones at work that are connected to a socket in the wall by wires. 

Cloud-based telephones, on the other hand, use computer software and the internet. This often means that you can log in to the network wherever you are and through your own device. 

Some other examples of cloud-based technology you may use and be familiar with are Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365, and Dropbox. 


4 Benefits Of Moving To A Cloud-Based Telephone System 

Scalability & customisation 

Your cloud-based telephony system will grow as your business does. 

New staff members are easily set up on the system and you can amend the amount of bandwidth you need in line with how much you are using. 

Things that might have traditionally caused a headache for your IT team are now simple, quick, and easy to do. 

Relocation is also made easy because you remove the issue of moving hardware from one site to another. 

As everything is stored in the cloud, the system simply moves with you without any extra work or hassle for the team. 

As and when you need it you can add new users, numbers, and handsets without issue. 


Cost effectiveness 

There is no need to invest in expensive hardware or installation costs as everything you need is stored in the cloud. 

You simply need a strong internet connection, and you are good to go. 

The fact that there is no upfront cost for equipment makes moving their phone system to the cloud incredibly attractive to business owners. 

You will generally need to pay a monthly fee to “rent” your cloud telephone service. This will include any necessary maintenance and software upgrades. 

The amount you pay every month will depend on what you need and how much you intend to use the service. You will be able to choose between different plans and find the one that best suits your needs. 

This is not set in stone. You can move your plan up and down as your needs change. 



Cloud-hosted telephony offers many more features than you would find on a traditional phone system.

One of the benefits of using a cloud-based phone over a traditional one is that the call quality is both significantly better and more reliable. No matter what is happening with your systems or the network, your conversation will be clear with minimal outside noise. 

Some of the additional features you might find with a cloud-based telephone are: 

  • Auto-attendant 
  • Voicemail access 
  • Remote call management 

All of these features make running your business so much simpler. 

It means that your staff can work remotely whenever they need to, while making sure customer needs and expectations are consistently met.  


A Better customer experience 

The experience your customers have in communicating with you is part of something much wider. 

Having a great system that works well for you and your customers will result in them having an overall better experience. 

A cloud telephone system will allow you to talk to your customers, across various different channels, in a way that works for both of you.  

Happy customers are returning customers! 


Ready To Move To a Cloud-Based Telephone System?

Anyone who runs a business can benefit from moving their telephony to the cloud. It will save you time, cost, and space – all of which you need to be constantly evaluating. 

It affords you the opportunity of using a system that works both with and for you. Your employees can work wherever they need to without any interruption to customer service. 

The added functions it offers make it easier for your customers to contact you and makes the conversations you have so much easier.  

Cloud-based telephony is the future of telephone. If you’re ready to make the move or are looking for some more information, get in touch and we can help you get started!

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